Cirque le Soir London

If you don't know don't worry


the performers are out at Cirque le Soir


Our performers have a variety of different styles, characters and performances.

We are more than equipped to bring new shows and costume ideas to external venues as well as our very own space in the heart of Soho.

Thanks to our creative team the possibilities are limitless.

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Roll Up - Roll Up!

Freakshows, bearded ladies, an electric chair, handcuffs and swings in cages.

All this and Miley Cyrus kissing a dwarf: welcome to London's naughtiest nightclub.


No Prisoners

Cirque le Soir is an exclusive nightclub located on Ganton Street near Carnaby Street in London.

Ryan Bish opened Cirque le Soir in London and it has evolved into one of the most successful clubs in the world.

the party never stops at cirque le soir

Cirque le Soir

The meteoric emergence of Cirque le Soir comes as no surprise - we are a brand that consistently delivers on every level. Our resident DJs are travelled, global names. Our ongoing concepts and installations simply cannot compare with anything else in any other city, in any other nightclub. Our unique shows change night on night offering our clientele performances of constant variety and dynamic originality. It is every detail of a night at Cirque that keeps people coming back time and time again. We have performers of international acclaim on-hand to shock, enthral and mesmerise their audience.

Within weeks of it’s opening there were already murmurs around the world of it’s originality and incomparable energy. The murmurs were justified as Cirque’s reputation catapulted to the fore as the most spoken about club in London. Within a year of opening, Cirque le Soir London moved to a bigger site on Ganton Street off of the iconic Carnaby Street - a sign of the brand’s conviction and success.

Today, there is a Cirque le Soir Dubai, and Cirque le Soir Shanghai. The business model for Cirque le Soir is now a proven game changing concept with ongoing success within two venues, across two continents. The brand is refined, distinct and lauded worldwide – established in its own right as the most extravagant, exciting yet unpredictable and original night out in the world.


If you don't know don't worry

Cirque le Soir

Step inside London’s most A-list club and decadent circus!


From angle grinding to fire breathing, from latex dancers to sword swallowers, freakshows, stilt walkers, contortionists, and close up magicians.

Award Winning

Cirque le Soir venues have won a host of awards including Best Night at the London Club and Bar Awards three years running.

Ryan Bish

Owner of Cirque le Soir Soho. Ryan's Big Top-themed nightclub Cirque le Soir is home to the rich and famous.

020 7287 8001 - 15-21 GANTON ST, LONDON, W1F 9BN