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Special nights that have to be experienced to be believed!


The coolest party of the week on the most unorthodox night of the week!

La Monday boasts celebrities, socialites and industry heads, and of course, a party to get the week started right!

If you don't know, don't worry...

La Monday at Cirque le Soir

Hype Hop

Hype Hop is Cirque le Soir's award winning hip-hop party and one of London's most renowned club nights.

With London’s coolest crowd to go with an amazing party, Hype Hop is London's club scene tastemaker and trendsetter.

Hype Hop at Cirque le Soir


Censored has become a staple night in both of our London and Dubai venues; it brings our clients an unadulterated, sensationally sinful experience.

Edgy and wild, Censored explores a darker, sexier side to Cirque.

Censored at Cirque le Soir


Bordel ran for a stint up until 2013 but now our dark, twisted friend has returned. A night of freaks and oddities, it is the most traditional circus night on our roster - accompanied by a trademark Cirque le Soir party!

Experience a different kind of Saturday night thrill!

Bordel at Cirque le Soir